Scholar’s Publisher’s Dictionary of the Septuagint and Early Greek Jewish Scriptures

Editors: Robert Hayward, Kevin Quast, R. Timothy McLay, and Bernard Taylor

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The aim of the DSEGJS is to provide a comprehensive reference guide to the Greek Jewish Scriptures (GJS) in their Greco-Roman context as well as their subsequent influence on the early church and post Second Temple Judaism. The field as well as the general interest in matters related to the GJS has grown significantly in the past 30 years, but the discipline is lacking an informative reference tool for students and specialists, as well as scholars and students in related fields. The scope of the dictionary is to provide factual information about books, persons, places, and events, as well as define words and explain theories as they relate to the GJS. In most cases, the next step is to read an article or volume that is devoted to the topic itself, though in some cases the nature of this new endeavour means the DSEGJS is the primary source of information.

How were the GJS understood within a Greek context and how does the usage influence the early Christian literature including the NT? The starting place for this project is the early reading and hearing of the Greek text. This is counter to how many approach the texts, but that is exactly the point. The GJS were community texts and, as we have them, demonstrate considerable reactualization, which characterizes the Jewish tradition. Therefore, let us examine these writings by beginning with how they were being read and understood in the Greek speaking communities. There is a rich tradition within the texts, translations, and transmission history of the books; secondarily, the Greek Jewish and Christian Second Temple literature are significant witnesses to how the GJS were understood. Thus, the role of the Hebrew is given minimal importance, though the closeness/distance from the Vorlage should be discussed. The relevance of the relationship between the texts would determine the length of your discussion.  Stereotyped equivalents deserve some attention as well as special/strange uses (perhaps more so!) when it comes to discussions of words.

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